ये 5 गुप्त Technology पूरी दुनिया से छुपाई गयी.. Science of Hidden Advanced Future Technology

by: GetsetflySCIENCE     Published on: 04 May 2019

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Hello friends, scientists put in lots of efforts to develop new technology for the betterment of human civilization. In past technologies like digital cameras, free electricity, weather technology, electric cars etc were tried to supress. How would our future be like if we had all this technology in upcoming future.Will we be able colonize different planets in our universe, what robots and nono bots we’ll use to carry out computer operations, medical procedures etc. The future of the world is indeed truly amazing, kinda loaded with sci-fi new tech and many diseases would also be cured thereby increasing life expectancy of humans. FALL IN LOVE WITH SCIENCE - (MUST WATCH!)1000 साल बाद इंसान का भविष्य कैसा होगा? Science and Future World of Humans in 1000 Years -इस तरह MOON पर अब रहने लगेगा इंसान How Humans Can Build A Moon Base Today - विज्ञान के Experiment जिन्होंने लगभग दुनिया ही ख़तम कर दी थी | 5 Unbelievable Science Experiments -दुनिया की 5 ऐसी घटनाएं जिनका जवाब विज्ञान के पास भी नहीं है Unanswered Science Mysteries on Earth -ज़मीन के कितनी गहराई तक हम खोद सकते हैं The Deepest Hole We Can Dig On Earth -