09 Balanced and Fair - De​-​Gamed in the Memetorium - /v/ the Musical VI

by: yaypyroo     Published on: 22 October 2018

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Based on: Time's Out For Fun - DevolyricsHello (NOTE: OR Ohayou)This is PuyoWe would like to playPuyo todayPuyo Versus, barely runThese lags, can't play for funThirteen years, no N-ASEGA won't port a single gameAnd I don't know JapaneseSEGA heard, and suddenly camePPT, overseasThey heard our prayer!Puzzle warfare!Shill this port rare!Balanced and fair!New characters, with old dropsetsTwenty-four slots, that push out top vetsSig is there, for fujoLidelle! Where did you go!?Don't you complain - just buy up this game!Or SEGA won't port any more!If no buys - you're to blame!Don't regard T-spin Tetris score!Want more Puyo? - then shill her name!Just scream and blare:Balanced and fair!So pick it up - at fucking GameStop!Puyo fans, shilling's our duty!Configure - that hard drop!At least there's no "diamond cutie"!This ain't grandma's - ancient Puyo Pop!Connection err!Stack that newb stair!Hard drop that square!Balanced and fair!So you're playing on consoleAnd English dub makes you suicidal (NOTE: pronounced -dole)SEGA hears, they releaseSweet dual audio - only on PCs!Don't you comment - just buy up these ports!On PC, Switch, and PS4!It's better - than imports!Ten copies to prove you want more!This October - buy Puyo eSports!T-spin nightmare!Puyo despair!THIS SHIT'S UNFAIR!