10 Career Values - Why we work, what motivate us

by: OTM Education     Published on: 09 December 2013

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You might assume that money is the strongest motivating factor for going to work, but people work for lots of reasons. If you are living in a western democracy, you will spend roughly 40 years and over half of your waking hours doing some form of work. Watch this video to learn about the 10 career values and get a better understanding of what you need to look for in your career.Online Talent Manager's Career Value Test is used to identify what you, or your employees, need from their career and work environment. I discuss Edgar Schein's Career Anchors, Peter Warr's Vitamin Model, and OTM's continuing research into the core motivations and values that can make us happy and satisfied in our career.The Career Values test is just one of many tests available from OTM. Our flagship test, the Octogram, is available for you to take right away without any special training or licensing. Visit our research website for more information!http://www.octogramtest.com