10 Famous Kids Who REJECTED Their Parents

by: TheTalko     Published on: 18 August 2017

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10 Celebrity kids who are on bad terms with their parents!Subscribe: up in the spotlight isn’t always easy, especially when difficult parents are involved. From a famous Disney star who had to fire her parents as managers to an actress who filed for a restraining order from her mom, these are ten child stars who rejected their parents.Selena Gomez has had quite the career in the entertainment industry. She got her start on the Disney channel with a little help from her family. Since 2007, the actress’s mom and step-dad acted as her co-managers. Sadly, when her Disney days were over, she gave her parents the boot and reinvented herself into the Selena Gomez we know today.One of the most notorious child stars to split with a parent is Macaulay Culkin. His years in the spotlight were made difficult by his awful father. In 1995, things were made worse when his parents split and started a long battle to win custody over their son. Thankfully, his mother won, and he hasn’t spoken to his father since. Ariel Winter has been acting since the age of four. Sadly, this wasn’t something she signed up to do herself. Her mother actually pushed her into the entertainment industry against her will. By the time she was 14, the actress was removed from her mother’s home, due to abuse allegations. Then, in 2015, Winter put the nail in the coffin by being legally emancipated from her estranged mother.Check out the video for these stories and even more, including Billy Unger, Leighton Meester, Aaron Carter, and more. While you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to “The Talko” on YouTube!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: more videos and articles visit: