10 Star Wars Deleted Scenes That Would Have Made The Movies Better

by: Screen Rant     Published on: 25 March 2018

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These scenes could have taken some already great Star Wars films and brought them to the next level! Subscribe to our channel: Lucas’ success as a director relies on his keen editor’s eye. As the steady hand guiding the Original Trilogy’s ship, he was able to make Star Wars into the most popular franchise of all time. Now the saga is in new hands, but we’ll never forget the many close calls that kept this space opera from being made. Whether it was budgetary concerns, unforeseen problems during production or lagging scenes, many obstacles almost kept these movies from being the successful blockbusters they became. Thankfully, clunkier lines and awkward exchanges were left on the cutting room floor. However, there are still some scenes that, if kept in, might have illuminated the characters waging that interstellar battle between good and evil.In Episodes IV through VI, Luke gets the most screen-time, but we’re robbed of character building when we miss his hangout at Tosche Station and the completion of his lightsaber. A last minute change of heart by Grand Moff Jerjerrod shows that some Imperials can have a conscience and Padme’s early plans of a Rebellion display that the Republic was more interesting than just an endless trade war debate. Han and Leia were both a bit busier in early edits of The Force Awakens, the Rebel forces were more active in Return of the Jedi, the Wampas were hungrier in Empire Strikes Back, and Force ghosts showed up as early in Star Wars chronology as Revenge of the Sith. Tune in and decide for yourselves whether these scenes would have added more depth to the galaxy far, far away….Featuring:Entry 1 -LUKE FINISHES HIS LIGHTSABEREntry 2 -JERJERROD BALKS AT PALPATINE'S COMMANDEntry 3 -TOSCHE STATIONEntry 4 -PADME FIGHTS BACKEntry 5 -TUNNEL STANDOFFEntry 6 -EXTENDED BUNKER ATTACKEntry 7 -LEIA REINTRODUCTIONEntry 8 -HOTH WAMPA ATTACKEntry 9 -YODA AND OBI WAN'S DISAGREEMENTEntry 10 -QUI GON AND YODAOur Social Media: Website