10 Star Wars Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

by: CBR     Published on: 18 December 2016

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Rogue One: 10 mind blowing star wars fan theoriesSubscribe to our channel: Han Solo really survive on dumb luck, or was the Force with him? Why do the Ewoks think C-3PO is their god? Was Luke Skywalker standing next to a grave at the end of The Force Awakens? Star Wars fans have burning questions. Sometimes, they also have the answers. This video is a review of our favorite mind-blowing Star Wars fan theories, the ones that change the whole picture of what's going on in the movies.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: New Hope - Agent Robot and Agent WookieeRevenge of the Sith - Vader can't express himselfThe Force Awakens - Finn is in tune with the ForceThe Phantom Menace – Qui-Gon Jinn, secret Sith A New Hope - Luke was hidden in plain sightE.T. The Extra-terrestrial – ET, also a secret Sith A New Hope - Boba Fett killed Owen and Beru LarsReturn of the Jedi - Ewoks suffer the Curse of KintaveThe Force Awakesn - Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For more videos and articles visit: