10 Things We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Broly

by: CBR     Published on: 30 January 2019

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The Crazy Revelations We Learned From Dragon Ball Super BrolyDragon Ball Super: Broly is officially here, with a wide release rocking American cinemas and killing it at the box office. With the film’s release, quite a few new facts have come to light about the world of Dragon Ball. The film explores the history of the Saiyans and the origins of Goku, Vegeta and, of course, Broly. In doing so, we’ve gained a few new pieces of knowledge of the history and world of Dragon Ball, from small tidbits to major revelations and even some explanations for previously unanswered questions.In this video, we’ll take a look at all the interesting things we learned from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, from Vegeta’s royal status and family line to facts about the Frieza Force’s galactic tyranny. Check out the video to learn about all the new additions to Dragon Ball lore that the film gave fans!CBR related article: Featuring:Entry 1 - VEGETA THE FOURTHEntry 2 - KING COLD’S RETIREMENTEntry 3 - GOKU’S NEW MOVEEntry 4 - BROLY’S GOD-SURPASSING POWEREntry 5 - VEGETA’S TRAINING GOALSEntry 6 - OTHER SAIYAN SURVIVORSEntry 7 - TARBLE IS CANONEntry 8 - POWER CAN BREAK REALITYEntry 9 - SAIYAN ELECTRICITY WEAKNESSEntry 10 - VEGETA’S KING STATUS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media: Website