11 Cool Riddles With Answers For A Fun Brain Marathon 😄

by: 7-Second Riddles     Published on: 29 November 2018

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Get ready to run a fun brain marathon with these cool riddles with answers! Crime and mystery riddles, logic puzzles, and fun picture tests for kids and adults are waiting for you :) Enjoy this awesome set of riddles and get your logic boosted! Don't forget to share your answers to the hardest riddles in the comments:00:14 - A tricky crime riddle that will amaze your brain and make you kept a close watch on your colleagues🧐 Challenge your mind and try to guess who broke into Anna's house (and stole her lunch) in just a few seconds!02:04 - A fun picture puzzle for the smartest detectives. Prove your high level and find all these time travelers in the pictures!03:48 - Picture puzzles and short riddles to test your eyes and how fast your brain processes information! This riddles for kids will definitely exercise your brain to the max, leaving your heads broken unless you have that perfect vision all of us dream about (at least I do).05:20 - A tricky crime riddle for those who have a cold mind! Try not to break your head and give the right answer before you run out of time! 06:40 - Do you have enough general knowledge and a good memory to pick the real countries' flags? Check yourself! How many of these did you get right? Share in the comments!08:15 - This set of amazing tricks and experiments will blow your friends' minds away! Try to crack these tricks and then practice them at home to impress each and every one!10:29 - A fun crime riddle that will train your eyes and logical thinking and check if you're ready to become a full-time detective! Can you find the thief among 6 suspects in the video? If so, you're definitely ready to run the police station😉12:03 - A thrilling logic riddle that will make you rack your brain hard! This is the hardest situation a person can ever face, but a real genius will be able to solve it and save his life and his wife's life. Will you dare to take this challenge?TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which puzzle game was the hardest to solve!#crimeriddles #coolriddles #7secondriddleskids #puzzlesMusic: Epidemic Sound to 7-Second Riddles: us on Social Media: Facebook: more videos and articles visit: