12 Tricky Riddles Not Every Professor Can Solve

by: BRIGHT SIDE     Published on: 03 November 2019

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Hey there! How about a new set of super-hard riddles only the SMARTEST minds can solve? Are you one of them? In this case, crack as many riddles as you can and check your results at the end of the video! If you manage to solve 5 to 8 riddles, you should be proud of your logical thinking and analytical skills! If the number of the riddles is more than 12, you're an extremely bright individual! But if you crack less than 4 riddles, don't be sad! It's just not your day today. Next time, you'll do better!Other videos you might like:12 Riddles to Check if You Can Escape from Dangers Best Detective Riddles Only the Smartest 2% Can Crack You Solve 20 Riddles In 15 Seconds, You Are Super Smart Buried Crown 0:28A Destroyed Kingdom 2:05Kidnapped Liam 3:27An Apple in a Bottle 4:33A Smart Tribe Leader 5:08A Robot That Went Around the Bend 6:08Stolen Documents 7:30What Am I? 8:35A Risky Trick 9:00A Mathematical Puzzle 9:30An Unexpected Thief 10:02Flowers for the Wife 11:24👉 Your results 👈 11:49#riddles #puzzles #brightsideSUMMARY:- The girl from the portrait wrote that she was tired of being a princess. That's why she buried her crown and all her jewelry under a massive oak behind the castle, right where the shadow from its top ended. But Mia couldn't find any treasure. Why? - One kingdom was regularly attacked by witches, until one day, it was burned to ashes. The only person who survived was the prince of the kingdom. That's why he decided to travel to the land of witches to figure out who had destroyed his country. Who did burn the prince's kingdom? - Little Liam's parents were in a sheer panic. Their 7-year-old son had been kidnapped. Liam's Mom told the police that when they’d arrived home, the living room window was broken, and there was no boy in the house. Can you identify the kidnapper?- You see a full-sized apple in a glass bottle with a thin neck. The fruit is intact and the bottle is also undamaged. Then how was the fruit placed there? - One night, a theft happened in a tribe. The leader gave each of them a wooden stick and told them that they were magical, and by the next day, the thief's stick would grow 3 inches longer. In the morning, he immediately knew who the criminal was. How?- You throw me when you need me, and pick me up when you don't need me. Can you figure out what I am in 10 seconds?- A professional skydiver jumped out of an airplane, but she’d forgotten to put on her parachute! And still, she survived. How is it possible?- How can you increase 66 by 1.5 if you aren't allowed to make any mathematical operations? - A crying woman called the police and told them that someone had stolen her belongings. Luckily, the police managed to find a witness who’d been standing nearby when the theft had happened. The police immediately arrested him. How did the police realize that he was the criminal? - A deaf man came to a flower store to buy some flowers for his beloved wife's birthday. How can he explain to the shop assistant what he needs? Music by Epidemic Sound to Bright Side : Social Media:Facebook: Crafts Youtube: materials (photos, footages and other):https://www.depositphotos.comhttps://www.shutterstock.com more videos and articles visit: