15 Minute LEG Workout - Fitness Series With Romee Strijd

by: Romee Strijd     Published on: 17 April 2019

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15 Minute LEG Workout - Fitness Series With Romee Strijd1) REVERSED LUNGE into SINGLE LEG HOP(30 SECONDS)+ OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS)2) SQUAT + HOLD(10 REPS)3) 4 POINT LUNGES(60 SECONDS)+ OTHER SIDE(60 SECONDS)4) STEP UP with REVERSE LUNGE(30 SECONDS)+ OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS)5) BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT + PULSE(30 SECONDS)+ OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS)6) SINGLE LEG ROMANIAN DEADLIFT(30 SECONDS)+ OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS)7) INNER THIGH LIFT + PULSE + HOLD(20 SECONDS)+ OTHER SIDE(20 SECONDS)8) CLAM SHELLS + PULSE + HOLD + BURN(30 SECONDS)+ OTHER SIDE(30 SECONDS)9) SUMO SQUAT with CALF RAISES(40 SECONDS)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUBSCRIBE for NEW VIDEOS: https://bit.ly/2ID4evAHere's where I get my music from:http://share.epidemicsound.com/njDwHPersonal:http://instagram.com/romeestrijdBusiness:info@bwlprojects.comSpecial thanks to:@Rjathayde & @Dogpound