17 House Details in the US That Puzzle Foreigners

by: BRIGHT SIDE     Published on: 07 June 2019

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The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave… and apparently huge freezing-cold houses with weird sockets? What’s so strange about American homes? Well, when non-American people find themselves in American houses they often point out how bizarre some things are. Wearing shoes inside is one of the things that confuse foreigners, cause most of the world has a pretty strict policy about taking your shoes off at the front door. Also, Americans usually don't have tea kettle in the kitchen, and their toilet bowls are full of water. Interested? So let's see what an ordinary American home looks like! Other videos you might like:21 Things in the US That Puzzle Most Foreigners Every US State Is Best and Worst At Crazy Things That Are Considered Normal In Other Countries houses 0:23A room for everything! 0:52Huge personal washers AND dryers 1:27Basements 2:10The abandoned dining room 2:36Serious about fire safety 2:58Wall-to-wall carpeting 3:43How low can you go? 4:09Toilet bowls full of water 4:50One faucet to rule them all 5:28Crank up the AC 6:02Wearing shoes inside 6:28Switchless sockets 6:56No tea kettle in the kitchen 7:24Garbage disposals 7:45Flags everywhere 8:10Pristine lawns 8:34#America #USA #AmericanhomesMusic by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY:- The typical American home is pretty big and spacious compared to other countries.- There are closets for clothes in each bedroom, usually one near the front door for coats and shoes, one in the bathroom or hallway for towels, one in the kitchen in the form of a pantry.- Speaking of rooms, there’s also usually one just for doing laundry. Also, most Americans have both a washer AND a separate dryer, and they tend to be big too! - A lot of American homes have gorgeous finished basements that serve as another living space. It might be in the form of a guest room or a recreational area to hang out in. - Fire safety is taken so seriously in the States that landlords can get in big trouble if they don’t immediately fix a non-working smoke alarm for their tenants. - Low-sitting toilets actually serve a purpose – being closer to the ground is a healthier and more natural way to, ya know, do your numbers.- In the US, sinks always have just one faucet, and you can customize the temperature of the water however you like.- Most families are totally ok with wearing shoes inside around the house, as long as they’re not muddy or anything. Sure, there are those American families that don’t do it. - Apparently in Europe, you have a switch to either allow the power to flow by turning a button on or cutting it by switching it off. In America, you don’t have this option.- Garbage disposals are a lot more common in the States. In fact, over 50% of American homes have one.- Americans really do love to display the ol’ Star-Spangled Banner, so most homes here have at least one hanging outside the house.- Americans like to take care of their yard. Plus, most neighborhoods have rules about it! Subscribe to Bright Side : Social Media:Facebook: Crafts Youtube: materials (photos, footages and other):https://www.depositphotos.comhttps://www.shutterstock.com more videos and articles visit: