1899-1902 British Emergency Ration Field Service Oldest MRE Beef Eaten Survival Food Review Test

by: Steve1989MREInfo     Published on: 17 April 2018

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Check out what British soldiers ate during The Second Boer Conflict of 1899-1902 when in a last ditch effort ! This is the second oldest thing I've ever eaten (Oldest was that Hardtack) and much unexpected considering this MRE's condition. It was pretty rough - and the smell when cooking the dried beef (Pretty much a pemmican) is nearly indescribable. It was quite the experience. And for old rations up next we will see the next generation in Emergency Rations - (1918). This is pioneering in food technology - the beef was still edible. It was a pulverized, slow cooked, dried, and compressed meat by-product bar. Way ahead of it's time - this was food tech that was adopted by the U.S. Quartermaster Corps of Sustenance and Natick Food Labs decades later.For correspondence, or to send a Military Ration for review, my mailing information is: Steve19893616 Harden Blvd#360Lakeland, FL 33803 thank you everyone for watching & subscribing - hope you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!-Steve** All Music By: Steve1989 MREinfo **Check out the other awesome YT reviewers:Oldsmokey: Gusto: Dude: Buikema: