1972 Opel GT, Will It Run After 30 Years? | Turnin Rust

by: Turnin Rust     Published on: 22 April 2019

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As soon as we get the 1972 Opel GT back to the shop, we dive right into it to see if she will run after 30 years of sitting.Join in with the crew on this mini-series of Will It Run, featuring a 1972 Opel GT.►►Huge Shout out to MAXXD Trailers for hooking us up with a Power Equipment Trailer (T8X) to make loading our picks a breeze.Check out their inventory here -**SUPPORT TURNIN RUST:►Patreon -►Merch:**SOCIAL MEDIA:► Subscribe to us on YouTube:► Instagram:► Twitter:►Website:**FILM GEAR WE USE►Main Cameras -►Main Lens -►Back-up Lens -►Lav Mics for Audio -►Camera Stabilizer -►Drone -►Tripod -**SEND US FAN MAIL!!Turnin RustP.O Box 865, Bogata Tx, 75417#WillitRun #OpelGT #TurninRust