1994 Disney Channel Commercial Break

by: RyGuy     Published on: 09 June 2012

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This video comes from my personal VHS collection. These aired before and after Charlotte's Web on Sunday August 28, 1994, during a free preview weekend. 1. Movie promos, featuring Felix the Cat, The Prince and the Pauper, The Care Bears Movie, Fluppy Dogs, The Elm-Enchanted Forest, The Chipmunk Adventure, Pluto and His Friends2. (0:50) Music Box TV spot3. (1:20) Mickey Mouse Interstitial: SMPTE Universal Film Leader4. (1:34) The Disney Channel's Chevy Lumina at EPCOT Family Sweepstakes ad, with Scott Harriet.5. (3:09) Coming up next: Charlotte's Web6. (3:19) Closed captioned announcement7. (3:28) Coming up next: The Preview Show, Avonlea - Incident at Vernon River, and Old Yeller8. (3:48) Subscribe to The Disney Channel by calling 1-(800)-847-9000 today9. (4:20) The Magical World of Disney: Old Yeller promo10. (4:40) The Best of Hollywood: A Tribute to John Ford11. (5:05) Promo for Backstage Pass to The Disney Channel, with Robby Benson. 12. (5:20) The Disney Channel ident13. (5:28) Intro / opening segment of Backstage Pass to The Disney Channel. Before the channel converted into ad-supported basic service in the late '90s, shows like this would help expand the subscriber base. Includes promos for Hocus Pocus, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Cheetah, The Mighty Ducks, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Treasure Island, and Pinocchio (this is where the program cuts off).I'm always in search of more vintage Disney Channel promos so please subscribe if this interests you.Don't forget to browse my Disney Channel playlists for more of the same. Includes 200+ videos from 1983 through 1996: