20 Deleted Scenes Disney Didn't Want You To See

by: Screen Rant     Published on: 12 April 2019

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Subscribe to ScreenRant for more great videos: classics are classics for a reason. Each one is jam packed with adventure and features a host of characters that are so lovable we wish we could replace our real friends with them. If you are old enough to have watched them in VHS form, you probably still have your stack waiting for you at your family home and refuse to donate them even though your VHS player is long gone. But what if we told you that the movies we know so well were once very different? That’s right, hold onto your hats. Because films go through a bazillion stages before the final cut is greenlit, there are so many lost moments that we never got to see. In the very beginning stages of a film, characters go through so many iterations it would make your head spin. We’ll be looking at how Ursula from The Little Mermaid was once drawn to be part Manta Ray and how Abu the monkey in Aladdin was originally supposed to be an old man sidekick! We’ll also be looking at scenes that were cut like the musical number in Beauty and the Beast where the enchanted objects sung about what it was like when they were human. On top of that, we will explain how lead characters were different, such as in Zootopia where Nick the fox was the original protagonist and in Monsters Inc how Sully was once replaced by a human man who was being haunted by his childhood drawings of monsters. Join us as we uncover twenty moments that would have made our Disney classics unrecognizable. Our Social Media: Website