25 DOLLAR TREE DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas| Gift Baskets 2019 | $3 to $10 plus Pro SECRETS!!

by: FABEDhacks     Published on: 05 December 2019

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25 Dollar Tree DIY Gift Baskets plus 10 pro SECRETS for professional looking gift baskets. BUDGET FRIENDLY gift basket ideas for everyone on your list including GIFTS FOR HIM in gift baskets using DOLLAR TREE items with professional, high end results! See how to ASSEMBLE A GIFT BASKET using CREATIVE CONTAINERS. See how the pros coordinate, arrange and MAKE ITEMS STAND UP, then wrap for a result that is BUDGET FRIENDLY but also LOOKS GOOD!!For more CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS, please see the FABEDhacks CHRISTMAS GIFT playlist here CHRISTMAS DECOR IDEAS, please see the FABEDhacks CHRISTMAS playlist here**COPPA** - Since there have been so many questions on the "COPPA restricted" portion of this video, I thought it might be helpful to add an explanation here. COPPA is the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. It has been in effect since April 2000 but compliance with the Act really came into the spotlight in September, 2019 when Youtube was fined $170 million by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). In addition to the fine, Youtube was also required to better identify and control content on the platform aimed at children. By November, 2019 Youtube began to roll out the new requirements and guidelines for creators and what they needed to do to comply with COPPA as well as how and whether or not they should mark their video as "made for children". However, both the FTC and Youtube guidelines for creators were somewhat vague. Couple that with reports of $42,000 fines per video for creators found in violation, and you can understand the panic and speculation that resulted in the creator community. Fortunately, the FTC has further clarified the guidelines and on December 17, 2019, Youtube published a new video for creators which summarized the FTC clarifications and also answered many questions in the creator community. However, at the time this video was published on December 5, 2019, Youtube's standing Children's Content Guidelines stated (among other things) that children's content (and therefore, COPPA restricted), would be, " If it includes characters, celebrities, or toys that appeal to children" . However, in light of the further clarifications, considerations including "INTENDED audience" as well as "mixed audience" would have made it perfectly fine to show the toys and characters. But again, at the time this video was published, this was not at all clear. Hope this helps to better explain that portion of this video!😊MATERIALS LISTToo large to post, HOWEVER, with the exceptions below, all of the 150+ items shown in the video as containers, fill, contents, wrap, ribbon and decorations, were purchased at the DOLLAR TREE.EXCEPTIONSThe second scent tower had the following items purchased from WALMART3 wick candle ($3)Reed Difusser ($1.25)Wax Melts ($2.00)In the Cookbook, cutting board and meal prep combo, the STREET KITCHEN meal prep packs were purchased from WALMART for $2.98 each.In the Pasta meal combo, pasta and sauce was purchased from WALMART but as noted, DT also sells.In the Margarita and Bloody Mary combos, both drink mixes were purchased from WALMART for $2.98.In the cheese and crackers combo, the Brie Cheese was purchased from ALDI for $2.98As noted, all items from the last two cookie baking combos were purchased from WALMART.