25 Dragon Ball Fan Theories That Were Confirmed To Be True

by: Screen Rant     Published on: 21 April 2019

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Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos: is no shortage of Dragon Ball fan theories out there and some of them are just crazy enough to be true. Fans have been hoping Broly would be added to the official canon for so long and it finally happened when the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly came out. Although we were ecstatic to have him finally introduced to the Dragon Ball universe we also couldn’t help but be excited about several predictions which came true. We had a feeling the initial conflict between Goku and Broly would be changed for the movie, and that Goku and Vegeta would be forced to turn into Gogeta in order to save the day. We’ll also talk about some less than cheerful predictions which were later confirmed including some weird facts about Goku’s relationship with Chi-Chi and what kind of hero he really is.Some of these theories have been confirmed as Dragon Ball progresses, including some facts about the Potara earrings. While others have been revealed by series creator Akira Toriyama himself. We’ll let you know who one of his least favorite characters is and why he’s so determined to torture him.After learning about some fan theories which turned out to be true, which ones are still out there that you think will be proven someday? Make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at ScreenRant. Our Social Media: Website