25 Modern Science And Technologies You'd Swear Are Science Fiction

by: list25     Published on: 15 December 2015

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It’s an undeniable fact that the newest technologies such as mobile tech, genetic engineering, and the emerging field of nanotech differ from the technologies that preceded them in a fundamental way. Our world is transforming rapidly and violently to the point where many people feel completely unable to comprehend and utilize these advancements. Ironically, we witnessed many of these new “things” and technologies in sci-fi films and graphic comics first, and if someone had told us back then that it would only take a couple of decades for these changes to enter our lives, we would have probably laughed. Think about it: Back in the early ’90s emerging computer technology was used by a limited number of people worldwide, and now, a quarter century later, everyone has a smartphone and a laptop. Can you even imagine what the world will look like in 2030, even 2050? And the scariest part of all (especially if you’re a geek like me) is the fact that science fiction, the literature of the human species encountering vast, mind-altering changes, whether they arrive via scientific discoveries, technological innovations, natural events, aliens, or societal shifts, has recently lost its magic and glimpse to the point we wonder what is real and what is not nowadays. But if you think we’re being over-dramatic, then check out these 25 Modern Science And Technologies You'd Swear Are Science Fiction and you will see we’re not exaggerating at all.Follow us on:Twitter: https://twitter.com/list25Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/list25Website: http://list25.comInstagram: https://instagram.com/list25/Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/list25/Check out the physical list here: http://list25.com/25-modern-science-and-technologies-youd-swear-are-science-fiction/Voice control is now a trend The Cancer Gene FingerprintRobot snake automatically wraps around an object when thrownFlying carsFirst planet with FOUR suns discoveredNASA begins using robotic exoskeletonsDiamond planet discoveredArtificial leaves generate electricityVoyager I leaves the Solar SystemSelf-Driving bus is legal in Greece3-D printer creates full-size houses in one sessionDNA was photographed for the first timeGenetically modified silk is stronger than steelDARPA robot can traverse an obstacle courseLaser guns are now a realityEye implants give sight to the blindQuadriplegic successfully uses mind-controlled robotic armYou can swallow a pill-sized camera instead of invasive scopesinFORM 3-D display allows remote manipulation of physical objectsEngineers create a paper-thin robot skin that responds to touchScientists create Matrix-esque artificial wombHuman brain is hackedInvisibility cloak technology took a huge leap forwardSuperman’s view through walls becomes realityThe world’s first fully mind-controlled synthetic leg goes for a stroll