3 Psoas Strengthening Exercises for ATHLETES

by: Criticalbench     Published on: 23 June 2017

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If you're an athlete and you want more POWER in your hips, here are 3 ways to accomplish that. Powerful hips and strong hip flexors are necessary for any athlete for speed and explosiveness. Remember, if you're inactive or sedentary, these exercises are not for you!Why Stretching Won't Make You Flexible - FREE reporthttp://www.criticalbench.com/stretching/Learn How to UNLOCK Your Hip Flexors (Psoas Muscle)http://www.criticalbench.com/growth/psoas/Subscribe to Our Channel:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=criticalbench13 Fat-burning Foods that Ease Stress – FREE Reporthttp://www.criticalbench.com/growth/13-foods-stress/11 Foods that Accelerate Aging – FREE Reporthttp://www.criticalbench.com/growth/11-foods-aging/