31 Scariest Movie Moments: #15 Audition

by: Ghostbait1     Published on: 17 October 2019

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31 Scariest Movie Moments: #15 Audition Welcome fellow horror fans to 31 scariest movie moments. For the month of October, I’ll be counting down the scenes in horror that scared me the most. Sit back and enjoy as we go through the creepiest of the creepy… for me at least.In today’s video we take a look Audition. A widower has decided that he want to start dating again, so his friend suggests that they hold a fake audition in order to meet women. He ends up meeting a beautiful shy young woman and attempts to start a relationship with her only to find out that she is hiding a dark secret. Starring: Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina and Tetsu SawakiDirected By: Takashi Miike Keywords: Scariest Movie Moments, 31 Scariest Movie Moments, Audition, Halloween, Halloween Movie, Halloween Movies, Asian Horror, Asian Horror Movie, Asian Horror Movies, 10 List, Top 10 Lists, Ranking Video, Ranking Videos, Horror, Horror Movie, Horror Movies, Scary, Scary Video, Scary Videos, Scariest Video, Scariest Videos, Countdown, Vlog, Vlogger, Creepy, Creepy Video, Creepy Videos, Scary Movie, Scary Movies, Scariest Movies, Movie Review, Movie Reviews, Horror Movie Review, Horror Movie Reviews,