4 Out Of Service Violations - Hotshot Trucking

by: Trump 2020 Politics     Published on: 22 August 2019

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So for the idiots in the comments that think they know everything here's a little back story. I ran otr hotshot for 9 months, over 150k miles pulling 48ft gooseneck box trailers, fifth wheel campers, etc.. Never once had an accident, no damage claims, could back up into any tight spot even in cities where the customers wanted the trailers.. I did all my own maintenance, injectors, turbo, waterpumps, brakes, etc.. you name it, I did it and mostly at truck stops or parking lots. Any moron that thinks I don't know what I'm doing is just not looking at the whole situation. I was rushed into a truck that was not ready. The trailer maybe weighed 2500 pounds at most so no brakes were required. Keep in mind this is a tow truck that pulls trucks that weigh up to 10k pounds. They have no brakes on the towed vehicle. The 4500 ram has more than enough stopping power to compensate.Subscribe with notificationsInstagram @cpstevemillerAny questions I will get back to in the comments belowNo MusicInstagram - - - Truck Info2004.5 Dodge Ram 2500NV5600 6 Speed Manual273D Transfer Case3:73 GearsDRW Swapped Rear AxleLift & Tow Z Series Wheel Lift