5 Hidden Licks Slash plays in Welcome to the Jungle (Guns n' Roses)! Weekend Wankshop 208

by: Ben Eller     Published on: 30 November 2018

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Description : lessons? [email protected] Hey kids! On Weekend Wankshop 208, Uncle Ben here is gonna be showing you the 5 hidden licks that you never noticed Slash plays in Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n' Roses!!!I've heard this song a bajillion times, but its not until i listened to Slash's isolated guitar track from Appetite for Destruction that i heard these 5 sicks licks. Most of them take place during the 2nd and 3rd verses, and a really strange one at the end of the breakdown. I had NEVER noticed these before or seen any lessons on how to play them, so here we are!Grab your finest Les Paul, tune down a half step, and learn these hot licks. You'll never hear this song the same way again! Les Paul w/Bare Knuckle Brute Force pickupsKemper Profiler , Top Jimi profiles