8 Star Wars References You Totally Missed in Toy Story Movies

by: Screen Rant     Published on: 05 January 2018

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8 Star Wars References You Totally Missed in Toy Story MoviesSubscribe to our channel : Star Wars references have been loaded over pop-culture for numerous years and a large amount of them can be found in the Toy Story franchise. A number of these references mainly come from Buzz Lightyear’s origins as a space ranger, but there are many others scattered throughout various movies. See how many you have missed.The whole opening to Toy Story 2 is basically like one big dedication to Star Wars. The small camera that pops out at Buzz is similar to the one used for Jabba’s entrance. The tunnels look like replicas from the Empire Strikes Back. In the Star Wars films, Darth Vader and the Republic spend a lot of time looking for the rebel base. Their obsession and hunt is also the focus of Sid’s attention towards Woody. Big Baby turns on Lotso Bear near the end of Toy Story 3 and the actions are very similar to the climatic moments of Return of the Jedi. The opening of Toy Story 3 showcases Dr. Evil Porkchop as he invades the toys in a very familiar looking ship. The short film Toy Story That Time Forgot features a quick Star Wars reference which may have passed right over fans heads. One of the most obvious Star Wars references was seen in Toy Story 2 when Zurg and the upgraded Buzz Lightyear have their huge confrontation. In Toy Story, Buzz’s mission to stop Zurg includes some evil plans Woody cannot even believe. The Buzz Lightyear cartoon actually featured a lightsaber duel between Buzz and Zurg. Watch to see all these clever Star Wars references.Our Social Media: Website