9. Get Down Make Love (Queen - Live In London: 12/8/1980)

by: Gregsynthbootlegs     Published on: 20 June 2019

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I tell you what people, you people are absolutely insane! I try to get some sleep, yet people call and text me about uploading more upgrades to Youtube! If that’s the game that people want to play, then I’ll join the fun! This is an upgrade to a Queen show that has a good reputation among the live fans. A lot of people praise this show as being one of Queen’s best from the 1980 tour - and this upgraded source should make those people very happy. This is one of my favorite shows from the tour, so I was also happy to see this show get an upgrade as well!This new copy of the show has excellent quality overall and is complete. It’s nice to have an excellent show represented by an equally excellent audio source. All too often is the unfortunate scenario where you have a top notch show performed by the band, but the audio source isn’t great. Thankfully, the stars aligned for this show! The band members are in excellent form at this show and play with an edge that doesn’t show up too often throughout this tour. Freddie is also in fantastic voice overall and really shows off that mustached power through this gig! Now, time to show off some analytical paragraphs…“Jailhouse Rock” is a brilliant version with tons of energy and really kicks off the show. The fast “We Will Rock You” sounds great with Freddie going for the A4 on “world someday.” “Let Me Entertain You” is very energetic on this show with Freddie sounding great. Unfortunately, Brian’s hair gets caught in the Red Special’s strings as his solo isn’t the greatest. “Play The Game” sounds fantastic overall as Freddie does a great job with the vocals. “Mustapha” is very good overall (although Freddie doesn’t go for phrases that I think he would nail). “Death On Two Legs” sounds excellent overall with Freddie nailing the key phrases (with crazy vibrato on top of it). “Killer Queen” has random oversinging, speak-singing, vocal disintegration, and an experimental Brian solo. “I’m In Love With My Car” is pretty good overall. “Get Down Make Love” has Brian being experimental in the first verse and Freddie going for some high notes in the final chorus. “Need Your Loving Tonight” is one of the better non-B4 versions overall. “Save Me” is a good version overall, but Freddie rushes some of the phrasing. “Now I’m Here” sounds great overall with Freddie sustaining the A4 on “eye” like the Crazy Tour, and “Dragon Attack” is an aggressive version with Freddie sounding great overall!“Fat Bottomed Girls” is a candidate for the best live version as the vocal harmonies are great and Freddie nails the song with tons of aggression. He even sings the final “rocking world go ‘round” just like the studio version. “Love Of My Life” sounds really good (apart from a nodule issue early on) with Freddie singing the song with an awesome soft tone. “Keep Yourself Alive” sounds great overall. “Flash” is the weakest performance on the show as the band miss cues throughout. “The Hero” isn’t the tightest version overall. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is excellent on this show overall with Freddie sounding great and Brian does a fantastic solo. “Bohemian Rhapsody” has Freddie almost shouting the verses (although he gets most of the notes) and has a few vocal breaks throughout the performance, but he nails “born at all” along with Brian making up a new solo. “We Will Rock You” has Freddie nailing the A4 on “peace someday.” “We Are The Champions” has a few rough moments from Freddie, but it’s a pretty good performance overall. “Another One Bites The Dust” has some gutsy moments throughout from Freddie (especially in the last chorus). “Sheer Heart Attack” sounds great overall and “Tie Your Mother Down” has good vocals overall, but Freddie flubs the lyrics at the end of the second chorus!ENJOY!!!