Adini Sen Koy | Episode 84 | English Subtitles

by: Janet Lazarof     Published on: 12 November 2018

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Description :

My dear friends, I am sorry for delaying of this episode, as most of you know that I lost my connection to the internet, we spent hours on the phone to get it right but it didn't happened, the funny site is that how we are use to have it at all time, beside the grandmother the grandchildren went nuts too hahaha, the next day we find out that just someone has misplace the connection, what do you think was my reaction......I left home. My friends as you remember at the last episode they came back form the house in the mountain and Zehra left Omar by next day, she has a feeling that he knows something but not telling her, he goes after her and gives her a hint that he has feelings for what she is going through because of his own childhood but asking her indirectly to come back for Ayeshe's sake and she leaves and goes away without saying much but she gets a phone call and that is where we are heading to find out about that phone call. We left the last scene as Omar was standing in front of his family without Zehra and not expecting her to show up but she did, I wonder what made her to come back? Zehra walks in like nothing it has happened and it is interesting to know what caused her to come back and stay, did she came back because of the contract or missing Omar hahaha. Omar doesn't show it but he is totally speechless by seeing her back, I see the happy eyes when she is talking to Jevrie to see how she is, don't miss it. Zehra is telling him right in his face that she doesn't care about his contract and she is there just because of someone else that is close to her heart and probably we all know who that could be. Yasamin and Koray are in seven heaven, Koray is so cute and I love his loving eyes. Ayeshe comes up with an idea of moving back to their house in town for the sake of Asia, do you think Omar is happy to move out of this house? Zehra is back and quite cold towards Omar but she is still caring towards him and he is surprised, he leaves a book for Zehra with a marked page, I wonder what is his message to her? Alev is just like a snake and trying to find the contract and she is behind Omar's office door and she can hear some interesting things about Omar's injury, I wonder what that could be? Omar goes out of his way and he offers the sweet on the side of his coffee to Zehra, do you think she will take the offer? You are going to love Jevrie, she is trying to teach Zehra about life and how to take care of her husband and guess who is sitting there and listening to all of these information's? Zehra is really harsh on Omar but he is putting up with her because of being scare of losing her again! Something is happening between Demir and Leyla, but she is worry about something and run's out on him, I wonder what got into her mind to be sacred? Yener is in the prison and Mehatp is trying to see her brother and she finds a way to see him, how did she manage to see her brother? Omar is very nice to Zehra by asking about her family and he finds out that her dad's business is not doing well, Omar is trying to be helpful to his business, do you think his decision is going to work out or putting a nail into his own foot. The way Omar got involved in Zehra lifr wasn't the best way and that is why she doesn't trust his way of doing things because she thinks that he is trying to buy his way through any problem, but in realty he is a good guy and he is trying to hid his help to anyone that needed but Zehra doesn't know the good side of him, on the other hand he doesn't trust her because of his jealousy towards Yener. Both of them are going to carry on with this behavior for awhile, it is frustrating for us to watch it but they need time to learn much more about each other, we love to see their love is growing in time, we are in rush but they need more time to find the way of life and specially Omar needs to open his heart to love a woman, our love birds are going to keep us busy while we are following them and I am worry about Omar's new idea to help her dad, I hope it works out. My dears, I am sending you my best regards and hoping to see you sooner this time, stay well and please read my summary and give me your opinion on my Channel or on the Adini sen koy English FB, please don't forget to vote for Erkan and Hazal, they need our help to win, take care. xx