Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Cani - More than a song

by: AlbanSkenderajMusic     Published on: 25 December 2017

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Song available onDeezer: than a SongIs it loveWhen you look into her eyes And you see the paradiseWhen you hold her little handAnd you still can’t understandIs it love or something moreThat you never felt before Something unconditional Something more than all my words could ever saySo much more than a songIt takes your breath away But I wanna’ scream it at the top of my lungsCan’t hold this feeling, no I can’t get enough And i wanna’ sing it to somebody out thereWho’s still looking for answers and somebody to careCause i had it all this world could giveBut nothing compares to what I feel Now I’m finally here, with my heart in my handsWith my true masterpiece, with my biggest success When she smiles with here lovely little faceShe fills all this empty spaceIn my heart and in my soulAll the scars she heals them allShe’s my sun and she’s my rainShe’s my joy and she’s my painShe’s my weakness she’s my strength She’s the one who makes me want to live againAnd this feeling insidesomething you can’t explain