ALIEN PARTY CRASHERS Official Trailer (2019) Alien Invasion

by: JoBlo Horror Trailers     Published on: 12 July 2019

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ALIEN PARTY CRASHERS Official Trailer (2019) Alien InvasionPLOT: “In the style of Shaun Of The Dead, The Lost Boys and Attack the Block, this is a funny, dark and action packed sci-fi horror comedy that pits a group of drunken friends on New Years Eve in a Welsh valley against an invasion task force of creepy time-traveling aliens. A kick-ass M.O.D agent, an insecure radio DJ and a kung fu master who owns the local B&B learn their new years resolution this year is simple: STAY ALIVE.”CAST: Robert Pugh, Hannah Daniel, Robert Boulter DIRECTOR: Peter StrayRELEASE DATE: 2019SUBSCRIBE for more HORROR here: more daily horror news updates, check out the ARROW IN THE HEAD: #scifi