by: Phil Harris     Published on: 15 December 2018

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FREE DJ LESSONS ► Each Effect: Delays 2:16, Reverb 5:10, Version Echo 8:05, Pan Delay 9.44, Distortion 11:45, Filters 14:29, Phaser & Flanger 19:50DOWNLOAD MY FULL DJ COURSE ► DOWNLOAD ABLETON COURSE ► SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS! ► guys in this weeks video I am explaining to you in detail exactly what all the effects of DJ decks are, many people use effects but don't know what they are doing to there songs. in this video, I give a good explanation of what they are doingIn the video, I cover all DJ effects explained including delay effects on dj decks, phaser effects, filter effects, panning effects and distortion effects on dj decks and I show you exactly what they are doing to the sound, so you know when to use them in Serato.