Allan Arkush on BEND OF THE RIVER

by: Trailers From Hell     Published on: 05 August 2019

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The second of Anthony Mann and James Stewart’s must-see westerns, Bend of the River continues the duo’s trend of character-driven yet action-packed outdoor adventures, this time set in snowy Oregon. The fine actor Arthur Kennedy plays a perfectly ambiguous villain while the auburn-haired Julie Adams and Rock Hudson – just on the cusp of stardom – round out the cast. The ravishing Technicolor photography is by Irving Glassberg.As always, you can find more commentary, more reviews, and more deep-dives into the films you don't know you love yet over on the Trailers From Hell mothership: http://www.trailersfromhell.comBut wait! There's more! TFH has a podcast! It's THE MOVIES THAT MADE ME, where you can join Oscar-nominated screenwriter Josh Olson and TFH Fearless Leader Joe Dante in conversation with filmmakers, comedians, and all-around interesting people about the movies that made them who they are. Check it out now, and please subscribe wherever podcasts can be found.Apple Podcasts: http://spotify.trailersfromhell.comLibsyn: http://podcast.trailersfromhell.comGoogle Play: http://googleplay.trailersfromhell.comRSS: