Allan Arkush on RED RIVER

by: Trailers From Hell     Published on: 10 November 2014

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Howard Hawks’ first western was a huge hit and marked what John Wayne had feared might turn out to be his swan song, at the age of 41. He later said John Ford “never respected me as an actor until I made Red River.” During the shoot Wayne came to appreciate the talents of debuting co-star Montgomery Clift after initial skepticism. Despite its popularity, Clift disliked his own performance. John Ireland’s part was reduced in editing due to his interest in co-star and Hawks protege Joanne Dru, who he later married. Oddly, Hawks had sought Cary Grant (!) for the same role. Final film appearance of veteran western star Harry Carey.As always, you can find more commentary, more reviews, more podcasts, and more deep-dives into the films you don't know you love yet over on the Trailers From Hell mothership: http://www.trailersfromhell.comWhat's that podcast, you ask? Why, it's THE MOVIES THAT MADE ME, where you can join Oscar-nominated screenwriter Josh Olson and TFH Fearless Leader Joe Dante in conversation with filmmakers, comedians, and all-around interesting people about the movies that made them who they are. Check it out now, and please subscribe wherever podcasts can be found.Apple Podcasts: http://itunes.trailersfromhell.comSpotify: http://spotify.trailersfromhell.comLibsyn: http://podcast.trailersfromhell.comGoogle Play: http://googleplay.trailersfromhell.comRSS: