Alpha Omega Primis Ultimis Conversational QUOTES Storyline! Richtofen Betrayal?

by: Talam     Published on: 17 July 2019

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We thought it would never happen but here it is the conversational quotes between Primis and Ultimis in Alpha Omega! #AlphaOmega #Quotes #DLC3 #Ultimis #PrimisThank you for watching but don't forget to like & subscribe for more awesome World War 2 & Infinite Warfare Zombies, Multiplayer & Campaign*Donate Here to be on stream* VideosAlpha Omega Primis Conversational QUOTES Storyline! Nikolai’s Soul Importance Omega Ultimis Conversational QUOTES Storyline! Richtofen's Secret Warfare Playlist Zombies Aether Storyline Playlist Channel Channel CreditThe outro is one of theseUnsealing by LUNAl2, You Look So Good by Moe Shop & Didn't Know by Digital Farm Animals