Alter-Destiny 888

by: Roger Smith     Published on: 01 July 2009

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August 8-29, 2009A Performance Installation by Denenge AkpemThis time-based work will be undergoing a transformation of space/installation and performance over the course of the exhibition.Situated in both physical and cyber space, Nigerian-born artist D. Denenge Akpem's sculpted performances are a critical representation of identity asking the question, "Who controls the future?". Reworking archetypes and fairy tales into live self-portraits, Akpem creates new iconographies via a process of "re-mixing", using coded layers of both symbol and sound to map methodologies of freedom informed by post-colonialism and challenges in the development of new hybrid identities based on reconfigured concepts of self and nation-hood. Her figures serve as simultaneously repellent and seductive guides through a liminal state in fantastical afri-sci-fi spaces where the barriers between performer and audience --the viewer and the viewed-- seem to disappear. Her performances tickle and taunt the senses as they redefine the parameters of body and space, proposing new models of desire, need and interaction.People. Place. Ideas. Art. Culture. Stories.Roger Smith. Your New York City experience.To make a reservation at The Roger Smith hotel NYC, contact us at (212) 755-1400 or visit http://rogersmith.comBlog: http://rogersmithlife.comFB: