Always Breach Before Reinforcing! - Rainbow Six Siege

by: Rogue-9     Published on: 07 November 2019

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Check out Predator Gaming's support for R6 Pro League: them on Twitter for the latest updates & giveaways: you ever wondered why the pros shoot out a wall first before reinforcing over it? Or why they spend the prep-phase running around smacking all of the windows? Well, wonder no more because in this video, I will be going over all of the strange little sound propagation behaviours we see in Rainbow Six Siege, including how Mira windows can give you perfect sound, how castle barricades affect sound and more! Come see ;DThe infamous R9 spreadsheet: me on Instagram!!!!!! Rogue-9!R6 Gun Guides: 1: Cry 5 Gun Guides: Gameplay:"Blink 182" by Half an Orange ( #Rogue9 #EmberRise