Angels & Airwaves - Kiss & Tell (Official Music Video)

by: riserecords     Published on: 04 November 2019

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Buy, stream and download "Kiss & Tell" here:, love please stay a bit tonightCall it what you like if right Lorene love - don’t you know I fell too hard, Hearts never broke so well Lorene, no - don’t you kiss and tellNo, means no - don’t you kiss and tell It’s a little red cherryWhen ya buryAny evidence you got If ya feel a bit shallowOn the gallowsCan we try a new gun shot Like when kids say, never say neverRunin’ blind with a pair of sharp scissors So- If I’m gonna go try this, alibi thisWe are innocent but lost It’s a bit so scaryIts a bit of painIt’s a little like wolves at night With a bit of fearAnd an angry loverWe can disappear But they will never let us recover My hearts a little bit tiredAnd expiredJust a coward in lift-off It’s got a little bit riskyTo be happyToe the edge til we fall off I’m living the worst way everGettin’ high while playin’ with fire so- If I’m gonna go try this Satisfy thisWatch the bomb I made go off I - can’t - let - this - one - go I - can’t - wait - this - one - won’t Last - if - I - don’t - let - her - go#angelsandairwaves #kissandtell