Annie Lennox - Why (Official Music Video)

by: AnnieLennoxVEVO     Published on: 02 October 2009

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Annie Lennox - Why (Official Video)Listen on Spotify - on Apple Music - - Annie LennoxWebsite - - - many times do I have to try to tell youThat I'm sorry for the things I've doneBut when I start to try to tell youThat's when you have to tell meHey... this kind of trouble's only just begunI tell myself too many timesWhy don't you ever learn to keep your big mouth shutThat's why it hurts so bad to hear the wordsThat keep on falling from your mouthFalling from your mouthFalling from your mouthTell meWhyWhyI may be madI may be blindI may be viciously unkindBut I can still read what you're thinkingAnd I've heard it said too many timesThat you'd be better offBesidesWhy can't you see this boat is sinking(This boat is sinking, this boat is sinking)Let's go down to the water's edgeAnd we can cast away those doubtsSome things are better left unsaidBut they still turn me inside outTurning inside out turning inside outTell meWhyTell meWhyThis is the book I never readThese are the words I never saidThis is the path I'll never treadThese are the dreams I'll dream insteadThis is the joy that's seldom spreadThese are the tearsThe tears we shedThis is the fearThis is the dreadThese are the contents of my headAnd these are the years that we have spentAnd this is what they representAnd this is how I feelDo you know how I feel?'Cause I don't think you know how I feelI don't think you know what I feelI don't think you know what I feelYou don't know what I feel#AnnieLennox #Why #Vevo #Pop #VevoOfficial