Anthem's *NEW* Cataclysm Weapons | Why You Are Not Getting Them

by: Your Anthem     Published on: 12 August 2019

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Anthem's Cataclysm weapons don't seem to be dropping right now, but there is a reason for that. Despite this question being answered by both the devs and myself several times, I figured it'd be a good idea to clear up how to get the Cataclysm weapons once and for all.Our Links: - Subscribe: Discord: Twitter: Patreon: thanks to the Your Anthem Patrons and Channel Members! We are forever humbled and grateful by your incredibly generous donations! PATRONS & MEMBERS: FREELANCER: DUKE KEMPPY, WILLIAM OLIVER CYPHERS: GRANT L BERGER, ROBBY, MATTHIAS SENTINELS: BINARYNUMB, CUSTODIES, RICK JANSSEN CITIZEN: BOBBY HOOTEN, JOSHUA GAXIOLA, FIRENOVA, ONE MINUTE HISTORY, STEVEN STORMBLESSED FOUR MONTH MEMBERS: TRIBES ROBINSAGE, DARCY MARTELL, JONNY DELIGHT, DENNIS DENGOD THREE MONTH MEMBERS: CLIVE COUSLEY ONE MONTH MEMBERS: ERIK KELLER#Anthem #AnthemGame