Anthems Roadmap is a Total Lie

by: Upper Echelon Gamers     Published on: 19 April 2019

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I would stop making Anthem videos if it stopped screwing up. The roadmap concept itself is inherently flawed... its a proposal on why you should not be mad that what you paid for isn't what you paid for in far too many instances. But regardless, in a game like Anthem, it is doubly true because the broken promise of fixing a game that was a broken promise is just too far. Like I said at the end, I advocate for picking your battles and this is a battle to pick because if this type of game launch is not beaten, mercilessly into the ground it will continue to happen. ⦁ UPPER ECHELON WEBSITE:⦁ CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS:⦁ PATREON:⦁ UPPER ECHELON CUSTOM MERCH STORE:⦁ DONATIONS ACCEPTED:⦁ TWITCH LINK:⦁ FACEBOOK:⦁ DISCORD SERVER:⦁ TWITTER:⦁ Giraffe Video:⦁ Outtro Song: GAMERTAG: UE Sanctionite