AQ - Florida [Official Audio]

by: AQ     Published on: 23 August 2019

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Official audio for "Florida" by AQStream/download "Florida" - AQ: Instagram: it was simple as just some simple mathEveryone took a train and you took a cabEveryone call you lame when you got a tab When you’re sipping champagne then you gotta laughNever giving in Head I am living in filled with the benzo‘s and the RidellanPop them shits like Mentos let it settle inLooking through my lens though oh it’s Quinn again I get most dubs you get fake love My team going to benefit up off my paystubsOld girl calling she wanting to make upI ain’t got a cape so I ain’t gotta save herThat’s for Trey Songz it won’t take long All my exes live in Texas so I stay goneSpitting napalm Better have State Farm And when I get a GrammyYou better have a cake for him (When I get a Grammy better have a cake for him)Found everything that you wanted in CaliforniaNo one remembers you packing up leaving FloridaI can’t afford yaStill can’t ignore ya It’s like 456 the way the text come in Girl I hope somebody rooting for yaIt ain’t an option I’m riddled with nonsenseY’all benched I am an all star prospectGo sign right before you read the contract I spent all of my money on a girl without a consciousGonna take the best of meRead y’all recipeSick potentially God in debt to me But I don’t deserve this Love don’t cost much but girl you ain’t worth it Calling me a novice You ain’t making profit You speak out of pocket Got a new depositImma need a carwith the house anda bar it’s just me and some weedI’ll be chilling in the tropics Tell me what you knowtell me how you hopeTell me what you found in the land of the lostGot to keep running you older than Sony WalkmanI think you should stop man#QNYSZN