AQ - The Captain [Official Video]

by: AQ     Published on: 14 June 2019

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Description :

Stream "The Captain" here: AQ: Instagram: let the wind catch We haven’t shipped wrecked All of this mutinyEverything it’s true to be Smoking at sunset Pray that the nuns rest Hope that I’m heaven sent Shook like a mannequinSee you in the day time Counting on the same vice Every night the same night You got nothing to say right?Paying the same price Been living the same life Smoking the same weed Drinking the same wine Man I thought I’d live forever Call it all a great endeavor Miss the nights I won’t remember Why can’t we do it together now?Trapped in this little bitty map with a little bit of smoke, ya they calling me the cap I don't know if I should go Geronimo Cause everybody telling me that I’m probably the last I don't wannna face my fears I don’t wanna ship wreck here I just want the gold It was real when I’m young Still real when I’m old I swear Don’t wanna leave unprepared Everybody gonna say a prayer Nobody knew you gone Nobody knew you cared It could be the distance Imma need assistance Imma divvy out my shares Take a day off like Ferris Maybe take a trip to Paris I’m into the difference between working and kicking it I need a crown when I sit in it Watching my throne via internet Q got a vibe where he get it at?I know this world got a problem I don't expect you to follow Walking the plank with my hands tied Hoping my body gets swallowed.Man I thought I’d live foreverCall it all a great endeavor Miss the nights I won’t remember Why can we do it together now?