ASMR Ear Cleaning - Japanese Ear Pick, Q-tips, Cotton Pads & Scratching, Tapping Sounds (3Dio)

by: ASMRMagic     Published on: 17 July 2016

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Description :

Hello my lovelies :)So I finally found a use for some of the tools from that ear cleaning kit I bought a while back :) I also bought some Skwooshi and I found that when stuck to the ears, it makes a cool scratchy like sound when touched :) It also makes a mess, so I thought it would be a good excuse to do an ear cleaning, with the added sounds and visuals to make it a little bit different. I hope you will enjoy some of the sounds in this slightly random video and let me know if you would like to see more videos with this black background from time to time :) Thank you for watching! xxxP.s. Sorry if there is higher levels of white noise in this video. Time stamps;00:19 - 02:07 - Plastic tapping and scratching sounds02:08 - 04:02 - Dough sounds next to your ears04:03 - 11:33 - Dough squishing and scratching ON your ears11:34 - 13:13 - Scratching your left ear13:14 - 14:35 - Removing dough from left ear with tweezers and blunt blade14:36 - 16:04 - Scratching your right ear16:05 - 17:10 - Removing dough from right ear, same as the left17:11 - 20:41 - Cleaning left ear with wooden ear pick and then metal ear pick20:42 - 24:27 - Cleaning right ear, same as the left24:28 - 28:34 - Cleaning left ear with cotton swab/Q-tip and then damp cotton pad28:35 - 31:57 - Cleaning right ear, same as the left31:58 - 34:07 - Cleaning left ear with fluffy Japanese ear pick34:08 - 36:52 - Cleaning right ear with fluffy Japanese ear pick36:53 - 40:06 - Cleaning both ears with fluffy ear pick40:07 - 44:54 - Cleaning & brushing both ears with two fluffy ear picks44:55 - 47:01 - Gentle massaging and some fishnet glove/fabric scratching sounds47:02 - end - Very gentle ear massage with some relaxing lava lamp visuals :)Nail polish - Chrome Rose by Models Own