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by: Matty Tingles     Published on: 26 August 2017

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*** One of the most highly requested videos that people have been asking me to do for like 6 months! In this video, you are looking for a mixture of retro and new games, controllers and accessories. I really hope everyone likes this! I know a lot of you are gamers so I hope I got everything right, I’m not a huge gamer anymore honestly. Hope you’re all well. 👧🏻 Not sure if it was the first but Gibi ASMR has an amazing Game Store Roleplay:😎 Support me on Patreon here:📦 Amazon Wishlist: (If you want to buy me something cool haha):🎮 Go Subscribe to my Good Friend’s Let’s Play Channel:🎧 Go Listen to the Podcast I host: Media: FACEBOOK: @MattySnappingTWITTER: CHANNEL: