ASMR Intense Microphone Brushing over Your Head & On Your Ears! 👂 Deep Bassy Sleep Sounds 🖌

by: ASMRMagic     Published on: 02 July 2017

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Description :

Hello my ASMR people :)Tonight I have a video dedicated to sounds with the faux leather earmuffs over the 3Dio microphone :) There's lots of brushing over your head and on your ears, some deep scratching sounds, a little bit of tapping and squishing, some ear to ear whispers and plain ear brushing at the end :) I hope you will enjoy these sounds and that they will give you lots of tingles or make you feel sleepy (like they did for me lol). Thank you very much for watching and for supporting me, you are the best! Love, ASMR Magic xoxoRough time stamps;Start - 04:20 - Plain ear brushing, ear to ear whispering, putting earmuffs over your ears :)04:21 - 7:11 - Brushing earmuffs with large fluffy unicorn brush7:12 - 18:04 - Brushing with 2 unicorn brushes. Intense and varied.18:05 - 22:10 - Tapping, scratching the ear muffs and some whispering22:11 - 28:28 - Brushing with large fluffy fan brush28:29 - 32:45 - Earmuff squishing on your ears, with a little more tapping & scratching32:46 - 40:08 - More earmuff brushing40:09 - 45:50 - Deep bass scratching on the metal part of the 3Dio45:51 - 48:39 - More earmuff tapping and scratching and removing them from your ears48:40 - 53:48 - Direct and deep ear brushing without the muffs53:49 - 59:06 - Direct ear brushing with 2 large fluffy brushes59:07 - 1:06:58 - Ear brushing with 2 large and dense fish scale/mermaid brushes (does this sound like the ocean to you?)1:06:59 - End - Whispering goodbye and giving you a very gentle ear massage____________________________________________________________________ polish - Coral by Barry M (really old) and Chrome accent nail____________________________________________________________________U.K. Brush links (I tried to find the cheapest options for all the brushes linked ;)*Unicorn Brushes:*Fish scale Brush:*Rattan Brush:*Rose Gold Fan Brush: Brush links*Unicorn Brushes:*Fish scale Brush:*Rose Gold Fan Brush:*Rattan Brush: marked with * are affiliate links. I get a tiny commission from Amazon if you buy anything on their site using my links, which is a free way to support my channel if you'd like to and if you're already shopping on there :) Any commission made will be put back into this channel and will go towards props for videos. ❤️ Xoxo_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________