ASMR raffy's 3 hour video

by: RaffyTaphyASMR     Published on: 13 August 2019

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Description :

A three hour sound assortment. This is my proudest video. It took a lot of work. Olivia edited nearly the entire video while I worked on other obligations. Thank you Olivia, we all owe you a big thank you. Enjoy the tapping, liquid shaking, visual triggers, whispering and all the sounds in between. This video was a lot of fun to make. It is a special treat I want to give to you. You guys show me all of the support in the world. This one is for the true fans that always show love! I see you and appreciate you. Twitter: @RaffyTaphyASMRShirts: coupon code: raffytaphy at checkout for 25% off your entire order#ASMR #relaxing #tapping