ASMR Sounds that’ll MELT Your Brain 🧠💦 Vinyl Tapping, Crinkles, Wood, Sticky Sounds + More

by: ASMRMagic     Published on: 02 June 2019

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#ASMR #ASMRMagic #TinglesHello my lovely people 💙Since I’ve made a few videos with all new triggers recently, I thought tonight we should revisit some old ones that have been popular on this channel and that some of you have been requesting :) So it’s the return of the clear vinyl sheet for some raindrop tapping, the textured cake board for some 3D scratches, the bubbly pumice stone, plus a few new sounds and some soft whispers. These happen to be some of my favourite triggers too, so I hope you’ll enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording 🤗 Thank you for all of your love/support and thank you for watching ~ Magic ❤️ ✨ xoxo📍Timestamps: 00:01 - 01:18 - Preview01:19 - 08:12 - Whispering & vinyl sheet fizzy crinkles08:13 - 16:59 - Raindrop tapping on vinyl sheet (requested from ice video and with no talking during this part)17:00 - 28:52 - Red beaded/sequin cushion, scratching around your head28:53 - 44:57 - 2 burlap bags of charcoal. Crunchy & scratchy sounds44:58 - 57:00 - The cake board. Textured scratching around your head, with a little tapping57:01 - 1:08:42 - Sticky gardening gloves. Lots of sticky sounds!1:08:43 - 1:17:27 - Coloured wooden balls (from the thumbnail) clicky, clacky sounds1:17:28 - 1:29:01 - Wet pumice stone. Bubbly sounds1:29:02 - 1:36:54 - Deep crinkles with toiletries bag1:36:55 - End - Secret crinkles 😋📸 Instagram:🐦 Tweet Tweet:💌 Contact: [email protected]💅 Nail polish - après-chic by Essie💎 Amazon affiliate links if you wish to support my channel/the ASMR prop fund for free whilst shopping :)UK - -❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo