ASMR | TSA Agent Checks Your Bag (Daisy)

by: Gibi ASMR     Published on: 06 November 2019

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our gURL IS BACK and she is.... wait, how did she get this job???? TSA Agent was requested by one of you!!! I thought it was a brilliant idea, the rummaging of the items, the way they go slow as molasses..... LOL. So of course I hired Daisy for the job! Enjoy, sleep well, and Happy Tuesday :)🎵I’m now on Spotify! Listen while your phone is off :)'m also on APPLE MUSIC HECK YEAH!🎨Like my posters in the background? They're metal and they stick to the wall with wall-safe magnets! :D I'm partnered with Displate, so you can check out my favorite stuff and their site here (you can even match my background and upcoming backgrounds if you want!): code gibi15 for 15% off always ~-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My upload schedule:►Every Tuesday►Every Thursday►Every Saturday------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I donate regularly to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. I highly recommend it! They give grants to scientists who do studies to better understand and treat mental illnesses.( last ASMR video to help me sleep: me on the internet!►DOWNLOAD ZEES - our ASMR App:►TWITCH/LIVESTREAMING:►TWITTER: (I use this the most)►INSTAGRAM:►MERCH/SHOP:►GAMING/SECOND CHANNEL: by :)This video was edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! Give him some love: