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by: Richard Robinson     Published on: 30 August 2018

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BIG BURTHA the build. All parts came from Full Throttle Performance Diesel.Full Throttle Performance Diesel: Blocker Plates came from Xtreme Diesel Performance:;EGR Blocke PlatesGDP EFI Live 2011-2016 Duramax LML DSP LML Switch GDP EGRD LML Cold Air Intake 2015 Duramax- Oiled Filte S&B INSIGHT CTS2 MONITOR (1996 & NEWER OBDII ENABLED VEHICLEEDGE PRODUCTS 98620 EAS EXPANDABLEEGT PROBE WITH LEAD5X6X15 ROLLED ANGLE BOLT SS 2011-15 Duramax 5" FLO PRO Full Exhaust15-15 CHEVY DURAMAX(Preset @8psi) AIRDOGII-4G