Avatar's Advanced Bending Techniques Explained!

by: NerdWire     Published on: 12 June 2019

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You asked for it, you got it, Avatar Fans. What’s up, guys! I’m Kris Carr and today we’re going in-depth on all the sub-bending seen in the world of Avatar. When we’re talking about sub bending, we’re talking about the specialized bending techniques that exist within each of the four bending arts; water, earth, fire, and air. These sub-skills can usually only be accessed by skilled benders, and often requires the bender to have some sort of deeper understanding of their bending form, as opposed to just sheer raw power. We’ve talked in other videos how over time, certain subsets seem to be more easily accessed by a greater number of benders, such as metal and lightning bending, while others, like Bloodbending, remain accessible by a select few. We’ll be covering all the bending the shows clue us into, regardless of mastery level.#thelastairbender #avatar #bending Support us on Patreon ►► For More NerdWire! ►► a NerdWire YouTube Member ►► @NerdWireHQ on Twitter ►► out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: us on Instagram: us on ROKU: