Axe Sheath Making - Part 2 - Leatherworking - Howto & Style

by: Bruce Cheaney     Published on: 29 August 2018

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Axe Sheath Making - Part 2 - Leatherworking - Howto & Style. In the leather shop finishing up my handmade leather axe sheath and setting the snap on the flap. Leather used for this axe sheath is English Tanned bridle leather. The older axe sheath was mad by my Dad over fifty years ago and that is the one I used to make and clone a pattern for the Genuine Norlund axe. Have fun making your knife and axe sheaths. Thanks a lot for sharing, subscribing, commenting, and thumbs up here at my YouTube Channel.Please hit the subscribe button and tick the bell to receive notifications. Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft My top leathercraft leatherworking and metal working videos listed below.Leather tooling basics tutorial for beginners with Craftools select leathercraft tools and Carving Leather to Stamp Leather Patterns Leathercraft Tutorial | Custom Leather Designs SEWING MACHINES THAT WORK GREAT FOR SADDLE MAKING BURNING TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS - PYROGRAPHY ON LEATHER Sewing Leather How to Hand Stitch Handmade Knife Sheaths with Leather Craftsman Bruce Cheaney Working YouTube Videos by Bruce CheaneyMetal Bending Tool Knife Making Steel Soldering Tutorial with Solder and Flux by The Harris Products Group