Bad Guy, Old friends, All falls down, Someone you love || Gacha || GLMV ((flash&blood warning!))

by: Just Me     Published on: 28 June 2019

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Description :

Thank you for clicking on this video! ♡This took me quite a while to make so I hoped you liked it!!Please support Gacha tubers and I by subscribing (。◕‿‿◕。)First song: Bad guy by billie eilish (Nightcore) Song: Old friends By Jasmine thompson (Nightcore) Song: All falls down by Alan Walker (Nightcore+Male Version) Song: Someone you love by Lewis Capaldi (Nightcore) all the young carers who look after there parents or guardians and to all the people who are going through cyber, physical, verbal, sexual, prejudicial bulling and relational aggression, and to all the people who feel down about them selves,including self harm, suicide and depression. Or even if you don’t have any of these just know you are doing an amazing job coping with life’s problems and you are certainly a joy and a privilege to be around- Just Me..♡