Bagel Boss Guy Video Collection (Chris Morgan)

by: Nicholas Paul     Published on: 11 July 2019

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Description :

The Infamous Bagel Boss Guy (real name is Chris Morgan) is the guy who freaked out at a bagel store on July 10th of 2019. Chris has a YouTube channel that's filled with even more short-tempered shenanigans and other random footage. I went out of my way to download every single one of his videos off his channel for memes and historical preservation. Watch the original videos below that I linked if you haven't seen them already.UPDATE: His channel has been basically deleted. I also forgot one more video clip that I felt like was important to the Bagel Boss Saga. 2: The original Bagel Boss videos part 1 and 2 are now down. You can find some of the footage easily by looking it up on YouTube. Sorry.Bagel Boss tough guy part 1: Boss tough guy part 2: 3: Chris Morgan has made a new fresh channel. His channel is located here: in the order it was uploaded:0:00 Bird Steals Popcorn0:09 Flood in patchogue library 4/16/18 part 10:34 Flood in patchogue library 4/16/18 part 21:04 Flood in patchogue library 4/16/18 part 31:54 blues gone wild pt 42:31 blues gone wild pt 54:17 blues gone wild pt 65:13 blues gone wild pt 75:39 blues gone wild pt 86:54 blues gone wild pt 97:16 blues gone wild pt 107:51 blues gone wild pt 118:25 blues gone wild pt 129:02 blues gone wild pt 139:42 blues gone wild pt 1410:00 blues gone wild pt 1510:20 blues gone wild pt 1610:41 blues gone wild pt 1711:02 blues gone wild pt 1812:02 fucking with mike the jew12:25 fucking with mike the jew pt 212:40 albert colao the con artist28:03 romeo the romancer29:24 the orient express29:48 wtf rap30:48 craigslist con artist31:51 fat fuck at grizzlies bar in bay shore33:49 romeo goes crazy in deli34:19 patchogue library in denial35:50 ghetto hoodrat cuts in front of me to use bathroom36:33 steve cursed by seagulls38:00 harassed by 711 worker part 140:50 harassed by 711 worker part 243:37 blues gone wild pt 1944:09 charlie teaches how to fillet a blow fish47:10 bernie looking for pussy